Supplies To Keep In Your Vehicle In Order To Get Home

The small kit called an every day carry or EDC, will vary according to each person that makes one. You can search the web and find a lot of ideas of what to put in that kit. You can even buy a pre-made EDC kit, but I like to create my own. You will want something to write on and a pen. You will likely want a knife or two. You might like to have a few first aid supplies. Base your first aid supplies on your personal expertise. Some skilled security officers may opt for a separate substantial first aid kit. You might want to have one or two flashlights. If you have been working in security for any length of time you likely already have that flashlight. You will likely want a little more substantial weapon depending on the laws of your state. I like to carry an extra canister of pepper spray besides the one I already carry. You might also want to have a couple of food bars. You can carry all of the EDC goodies in a fanny pack.

The next level involves the supplies you keep in your vehicle in order to get home. This is also called a Get Home Bag or GHB. First of all you need a decent comfortable pack in case you need to walk. You will need some good walking shoes. You might want to have some extra clothing to keep you warm and some extra socks. Walking is hard on the feet and clean socks really help keep you going. You may want to consider a small emergency shelter like a small tent or tarp in case you need to shelter in place or your walk home takes a few days. You may want a more substantial weapon like a handgun or even a carbine rifle. Of courses and as always, be aware of your local laws. Be aware that if your area comes under martial law your firearms may be confiscated and your supplies searched and possibly impounded. Just ask Hurricane Katrina survivors in New Orleans. You will want to have a few days supply, maybe up to a week, of food and water. Since the idea is to get home, try to travel light if you can.

Also, they have the basics available to anyone at their canneries at very, very reasonable prices. Did I say very? Well let me add another very! security agencies in londonIf you are not Mormon they will still help you. You can even tell them you are a security guard. Heck, they may give you an extra can lid or something….


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